We wax just about every nook and cranny you can think of – and a few you can’t! We use the award winning Outback Organics Hot Wax for the nooks and crannies and Outback Organics Strip Wax for the easier to reach parts. The prices below relate to female waxing, we do cater for male clients and by clicking the ‘book now’ button on any of the waxing treatments listed below you can view treatment and price options under our ‘Male Waxing’ category.

Outback Organics Strip Wax.

Half leg (lower)
Half leg (upper)
Full Leg
Half arm
Full arm

Outbacks Organics Waxing Combinations.

Lip & Chin
Full leg & Strip Bikini
Full leg & Strip G-string

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Full leg & Strip Brazilian

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Full leg & Hollywood

Outback Organics Hot Wax.

Hot Wax Bikini
Hot Wax G-string

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Hot Wax Brazilian

Hot Wax Combinations.

Full leg & Hot Wax Bikini
Full leg & Hot Wax G-string
Full leg & Hot Wax Brazilian


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Full leg & Hot Wax Hollywood